Brian Channing Ewell is a retired soldier and Purple Heart recipient. He is a
man of God, a man of faith, musician, and producer. Brian considers his life
to be a living testimony to God’s grace and mercy. He actively strives to
fulfill the will of God. His goal is to inspire God’s people everywhere with his
gifts and talents as a minstrel, musician, and author.
Brian has been playing drums since the age of 5. At an early age,
Brian discovered drumming was a good outlet for releasing his frustrations.
When he realized he had a gift of music, he decided to cultivate his gift and
use it to its fullest potential to bring God honor and glory. As a member of
the Armed Forces, he was allowed to play for various churches and other
venues around the United States. Brian earned his Bachelor of Science in
Music Business from Full Sail University. He is a member of the Sabian
Educator Network (SEN).
Although Brian has accomplished many things and has truly been
blessed by God. He knows his greatest blessing resides in the love of his
family. He takes great pride in being a father and husband. He has been
married to his wife, Laquita, for nearly fourteen years. Laquita’s constant
love and support motivate him to continue to live life to the fullest and be a
better man. His children, Malachi and Nadia, are his pride and joy. He loves
nothing more than going to band concerts, football games, dance recitals,
and choir performances; to show his love and support for his kids.
In difficult times Brian finds solace in being able to write down his
thoughts. Sharing his experiences in life helps him heal and push through
his darkest of hours. On many occasions, people have expressed to Brian
how encouraged they felt in hearing his story and seeing how joyous he
was in sharing. They remarked on how it helped them to move forward and
accomplish their own goals. One day a trusted friend suggested that he
should write a book because his story amazed them and enabled them to
face and make it through the struggles they were facing. This encouraged
Brian to take a leap of faith and thus began his journey to authorship
Brian and his family’s mission and purpose are to break through
barriers and bring forth healing and peace through the power and love of
God in music, books, and Prophetic words of encouragement.



PO Box 1343
Pflugerville TX, 78691